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J is an unpublished author, represented by Carrie Pestritto of Prospect Agency. J's first novel is a YA fantasy horror, regarding a siren who must choose between the haunting life and humanity. J draws on occasion, reads quite often, and is a founding member of the critique group 'Thoughtical Verbosity.'

Friday, October 2, 2009

Introductions Abound

Hello, hello, hello.

Congratulations on stumbling through the twilight zone and managing to find yourself on my newly claimed plot of internet soil! Huzzah for superior link-clicking!

For those of you who are not related to me/knew me in highschool/were puppy-dog-eyed into checking in on me here, my name is Jenni. My surname is Brown. Why am I so eager to tell you both my first and surname? Well, let's take a moment here to consider it: 'Jennifer' is among the top-ten most popular names for females within ten years plus or minus my age. 'Brown' is one of the top five most common surnames in America. Chances are you already know at least a dozen Jenni Brown's already. Some of them are probably just as snark--er--witty as I am, too.

Besides, I aspire to one magical day become a world-famous author who belches out life-changing tales daily and showers in pixie dust. So someday you'll all be sighing my name with envy and admiration. Might as well give my early fans a leg-up on the competition, eh?

But enough about me, let's talk about you! Or, specifically, what you'll be doing on your visits to this site. It is my hope that while here, you will spend a few minutes getting a good chuckle out of my weekly...monthly...bi-annual-or-so ramblings about...well, whatever it is I feel like discussing at that moment. It might be a review of a movie or book I recently enjoyed (or deplored). It might be me gushing about how talented my sister is, or how adorable my niece and nephew are when they're pretending to be man-eating dinosaurs. It might be me trying to persuade you to purchase my latest attempt at literary greatness. Or it might just be me ranting about a customer that crammed their face full of muffing and then splattered me with it while ordering a scone at the bakery I try to support myself through.

Whatever it is, I pledge to you, dear reader, that there will always be some nugget of sarcasm and a wallop of forethought in said sarcasm so I don't...like...run up onto the stage while Taylor Swift is accepting her first major award and make a five-star wanker out of myself by elbowing in on the moment. Or something.

So until next time, reader!

Jenni out.

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