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J is an unpublished author, represented by Carrie Pestritto of Prospect Agency. J's first novel is a YA fantasy horror, regarding a siren who must choose between the haunting life and humanity. J draws on occasion, reads quite often, and is a founding member of the critique group 'Thoughtical Verbosity.'

Friday, December 11, 2009

Short Stories and Aging

Ha-HA! It has been almost a month since my last post. Almost! But I beat the clock.

My apologies; preparations for holidays, health nastiness and the various incarnations of what I consider to be my 'work' have kept me from having anything cool to say that you, my two readers, might notice.

Christmas is coming up fast. Granted, there's only one day of the year when Christmas isn't coming up, but ah well.

I love Christmas.

I think it's a delightful holiday; if you know how to release the things in life that cause unnecessary stress, it can be absolutely magical.

Seriously, I wonder every year after the sorts of people you see stomping down the aisles of the mall, snarling at small children and screeching about how long it takes the cashier to check them out. The sort of people who spend Christmas dinner preparations glowering into the soup like it's just been revealed as the one who stole their first crush back in middle school.

There are tasks that are inherently stressful in the holiday bag; that is simply never going to change. So, if you find your eye twitching every time you hear someone humming 'Jingle Bells,' perhaps it would be wise to simply let go of the more unnecessary things.

As for me, my massive family and handful of friends can be at ease. My Christmas shopping is done :)

And in the time that I'm not going to spend zooming around to nab at good sales, I have decided that I'm going to embark on a series of short stories. They will take place during the 1930's, and star the private detective from my murder mystery party, 'Murder in the Gardens.' I plan on selling them on Lulu for a few bucks a pop. It should be fun.

I'm also still working on my novel, and my goal is to have a complete rough draft done before I go on my British Literary Tour (squee!) in late April.

Also; my birthday is next Monday, the 14th. I have survived almost another full year. Yay!!