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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

'Round the Block

Quick reminder: This week's Requestion is open to responses until Friday's Weekend Shuffle, when I will shower my favorite answer with affection and as much free publicity as being spotted on my blog can afford.

Now! It's Wednesday, which means it's time to go

'Round the Block.

What does that mean? A little something different every week. The block may refer to a creative block, or it may refer to the fact that I'm kicking pebbles around the internet and seeing what rises to the surface.

Today, I'm not really sure what to talk about. My work-in-progress is going along well. The only real issue I have is in finding the time to get as much work done on it as I feel like I could if I didn't have other responsibilities and...if I wasn't so lazy.

I've redecorated my apartment. Switched everything right up. Got some fancy little hangers for all of my posters, which should prevent the pretties from becoming swiss-cheese-holed papers. Seeing them up now, though, I think I liked them better when they were all pinned flat against the walls, overlapping. I'm going to give it a few days for my eyes to adjust before I decide that the money spent on the frames was mega wasted. Because I do rather like the frames. I just liked the wallpaper effect of having the posters pinned directly better. But that might just be my eyes being dumb.

Plus, I'm sure my neighbors are sick of all the banging and thumping that comes from knocking pins into one's walls.

And that pointless little trip into J-Land is all I have! See you on Friday! 

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