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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Driggs, Driggs, Driggs, Diddley Driggs...

Has it been a while since my last post? Yes.

Do I have an adequate excuse? Sort of.

But that's neither here nor there! I am currently located at my Dad's house near Driggs, which is about a forty-five minutes drive from my school, which I am currently attending from around nine in the morning to either four or eight in the afternoon (depending on if we do film clips).

That's right: school is in session for those on the European Adventure Express :D

That means a TON (literally, I measured) of reading and an ACRE (estimate) of writing to try and get done in this next week before we take off(!). We're allowed to turn things in after the trip, but motivation is greater before and they'd rather us be looking out the window at Stonehenge than having our noses tucked into our books reading about it.

That means spending time with my very cool younger step-brother and MUCH younger, also very cool half-sister, Sam and Rudi. That has been immensely fun; living so far away means seeing very little of them, so I greatly enjoy these opportunities.

That means I'm going to miss my niece, nephew, sisters, brothers and friends in Missoula until probably the start of June. But I'll bring you all (or at least the ones I like a lot) something exceedingly neat from the UK.

That means sweating a bucket and half while I read this news about the volcano in Iceland that erupted and has grounded billions of dollars worth of flights in and around Europe. I hope as hard as I dare that the situation eases in time for our schedule to stay in tact.

For those of you who knew about it: Yes, I managed to make my goal of finishing my first draft before I left. YAY!

Also: Clash of the Titans was an enjoyable enough movie, but see my previous post. How to Train Your Dragon was wonderful all around. I've become hooked on The Hunger Games series in a big way. And my fellow Pilgrims seem all around delightful.

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