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Monday, August 8, 2011

Book Review Blog?

Hey internet!

So, recently, I have been contemplating starting up a book review blog.

This is what my room would look like if I had more time and less bookshelves.

For reviewing books.

I would mostly review Young Adult books, Children's books, and maybe a few of the 'adult' books that don't involve two boring people throwing their naughty bits at each other.

I think this would be a fun endeavor. I've been known to turn a semi-witty phrase here and there, if the weather and timing and willing, so it could be an interesting read. I have a long-held passion for reading, so getting through a book every other week or so shouldn't be a problem.

And I like the idea of providing a non-artsy-fartsy, hoitie-toitie review on a book. The sort of review that the average reader actually wants. None of that obnoxious reviewerspeak ('rollicking' comedies, 'nuanced' tragedies, 'moving,' 'haunting,' 'compelling,' blah blah blah. I would use real-person words to the same degree that I ever do, and actually talk about the books, what happens in them, and who I think should read them, if anyone.

I would also refrain from personal attacks on the authors, publishers, agents, and fans. This seems like a 'duh' goal, but have you checked out some of the customer reviews on Amazon? Or anywhere that allows customer reviews? For all of the many problems I've seen in the 'Twilight' series, the most common thing I've read in a customer review is that the author is 'fat.'

Yeah, wish I was that 'fat.'

A. No, she is not.

B. Even if she was, so what? Isn't it a worn cliche that plumpy people have less active social lives? I would think that would lead to more time spent on the computer perfecting the craft.

Anyway, I think a book review blog would be fun. I would sort of like to rook a couple of my friends into it, though. That way there could definitely be at least one review a week--maybe even two!--without the whole thing hinging on how fast I can read between school, work, and making Ze Book happen.

So what do you guys think? What sort of questions would you want answered in a book review? What sort of books would you most want to read reviews about?

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