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Saturday, January 9, 2010

To Create and to Discover

Which is my vow for 2010.

Welcome to the new year, readers! I hope 2009 was nice (or at least tolerable) for you. For me, it had great highs and great lows, and quite a lot in the middle. I had one semester of phenomenal grades (3.947 GPA) and another of more wormy origins (GPA unnecessary to list). I made some fantastic new friends (apparently I'm not the only big nerd in the world!) and added a few more people to my "When I become a serial killer these shall be my firsts" list.

But now we're here, in 2010. It sounds so strange and space-agey.

Things I'm looking forward to:

My sister's new book coming out! I am so very proud of and happy for my sister. She has worked incredibly hard, and is remarkably talented. She has released several lines of fabric designs, quite a few adorable patterns for boutique clothing, and her next big success is going to be a craft book. Hooray for Sandi!

My younger sister entering highschool. I remember a time when my three younger siblings were called 'the babies.' Now we call them 'the kids.' But they're all teenagers. Oy vey. And just think, in a few years my youngest sister will be starting preschool...

The British Literary Tour! Late April through late May, I shall be terrorizing Europe, seeing the table where Jane Austen wrote her books (and touching it when no one's looking), standing inside the Globe Theatre, sticking a leaf from Sherwood Forest inside a book...I'm too excited for words. Which is really saying something, for me.

Getting the rough draft of my book finished. I'm determined to have a complete and working rough draft of Lady Luck: First Time's a Charm done before I go on my trip. If I fail...then shame on me, and fifty lashes with a wet noodle.

Skulduggery Pleasant 4. Which comes out in March. Excuse me while I jump up and down and postulate on what amazing Irish author Derek Landy has planned next.

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