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Friday, February 3, 2012

Forever Rewrighting Pitch Contest

Hey Internet!

I know, I blogged just the day before, and just two days before that. It may feel as though I'm smothering you with attention. Just adjust the ruffles on that costume for the family photo and we'll all get through this without incident.

Today I'm posting a quick blurb about this awesome new contest over at Forever Rewrighting, which is wo-manned by author Melodie Wright. Do you see what she did in the title? I love it. Well played, Mrs. Wright.

Anyhow, her lovely agent Tricia Lawrence, of EMLA, is going to have an open-season query acceptance period. She normally doesn't accept unsolicited queries. I want in, so I'm hogging some of the last entries.

There might yet be some room for you, though! So spring on over to Forever Rewrighting and check it out!

That's all. I'll see you all this evening when I throw confetti over the winner of the Requestion of the Week. There's still time if you want to enter!

-J Larkin

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