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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

'Round the Block: Inspiration

Quick reminder: This week's Requestion is open to responses until Friday's Weekend Shuffle, when I will shower my favorite answer with affection and as much free publicity as being spotted on my blog can afford.

Now! It's Wednesday, which means it's time to go

'Round the Block.

What does that mean? A little something different every week. The block may refer to a creative block, or it may refer to the fact that I'm kicking pebbles around the internet and seeing what rises to the surface.

This week, it's the former.

Throughout the month of February, I am going to be writing up a storm. I have a fun new YA horror-fantasy novel that's taken me by storm. My brain is agog with ideas and symbolism and character development and as I chunk into my year-long sabbatical*, I want to make the best use of it. February is going to see the first draft complete. March will be a heavy editing month. April will be fine-tuning. Then, at the end of April, I have a week's vacation scheduled from work to reward myself/finish work if I've been lazy.

So there is a plan, and the action is intense. I have a notebook chalk full of scatter-brained research and giddy plot twists. There's enough un-planned that the thrill of the chase is strong. I have an amazing soundtrack that I have been listening the crap out of. I've been staring down inspiration art, and watching all of the creepy shows at my disposal.

I can't disclose much about the project at this stage for multiple reasons. As I get some meat on the bones, I'll talk more about it. But for now, I can share my inspirations. Have a look!

This is involved!
As is this!
Yeah, buddy!
And a little bit of this, too!
And the songs headlining the soundtrack:

The new project doesn't have a title yet. I think this is going to be one of those that doesn't have a name until it actually exists. That happens sometimes.

And that's all I have to share! Anyone else got some inspiration they want to let the rest of us indulge in..?

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  1. ooh swampy! like as in bayou? looks intriguing!