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J is an unpublished author, represented by Carrie Pestritto of Prospect Agency. J's first novel is a YA fantasy horror, regarding a siren who must choose between the haunting life and humanity. J draws on occasion, reads quite often, and is a founding member of the critique group 'Thoughtical Verbosity.'

Monday, February 28, 2011

My First Consultation Commission!!

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my older (hur hur) sister!! Sandi, you've long been an inspiration to me, and only get more awesome the longer I know you :) Keep on rockin', girl!

So guess what? I've been compensated!!

For those of you with a confused grasp on the word, that means that I've received some sort of payment for services rendered.

For those of you who are in no way enlightened by that, here's the story:

Last night, my older bro calls and says he wants to talk shop with me. Zach is the owner of the voice you'll hear in about 75% of the male characters (and 2% of the female characters) in the upcoming podcast, 'The Phil Innis Adventures.' He's also one of my two primary sources for idea-bouncing and camaraderie. Part of what I've always appreciated about Zach is that he always gives it to me straight. Fishing for compliments will result in a straight-laced "Don't be an idiot." If something I've written is bad, he will tell me that it is bad. Somehow without being a jerk about it, and usually making me bust out laughing at myself.

So, Zach says he wants to talk shop with me, and I readily agree. He came over to ask me some questions about my writing process, which I will more than likely go off on regardless of whether or not anyone wants me to.

Zach is working on a project of his own. Simply because I don't know whether he'd want me to or not, but I won't get into the details. Suffice to say it's in the world of video gameagae, and if anyone is capable of making an instant hit in that realm, it is my brother. I'm excited to see if anything comes of this!

And for my time last night, he gave me a Pokemon Gold, for the DS. I'm counting it as my first consultation commission. Huzzah!!

Also, behold my first painting in many moons:

This is, fate allowing, more or less what the first cover art for 'The Phil Innis Adventures' will look like. Once I have a more comfortable setup, I will likely scan and re-edit it. But I don't think it's too bad, for my first painting in years!


  1. Wow, that is so exciting for you. A writer and a painter, lucky you. The picture is awesome, congratulations...